The Suicide Squad Trailer Talk: From The Horribly Beautiful Mind Of James Gunn, Film Companion

The trailer for The Suicide Squad, DC‘s so-called ‘standalone sequel’ to 2016’s Suicide Squad, opens with Idris Elba, as Bloodsport/Robert DuBois (pronounced the French way, ‘dew-bwa’), in jail. A stony-faced Viola Davis threatens to put his daughter in danger if he doesn’t join the Suicide Squad. The mission is “more important than you could possibly imagine,” she hisses.

The other members of the squad include a white-faced and baby-voiced Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, John Cena as the slightly stupid Peacemaker, and a weasel who’s killed twenty-seven children. The trailer proudly claims to be ‘from the horribly beautiful mind of [director] James Gunn‘ and it certainly looks like the film will live up to that. The frames are filled with whacky colours and non-stop set pieces, interspersed with occasionally bawdy comedy.

The Suicide Squad comes to theatres and HBO Max on August 6th. It also stars Sylvester Stallone, Pete Davidson, and Gunn’s brother Sean Gunn as the aforementioned weasel.

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