The Kissing Booth 3 On Netflix Trailer Talk: More Of That Characteristic Boyfriend Or Best Friend Tension, Film Companion

By the end of the first The Kissing Booth, the leather jacketed jock, Noah (Jacob Elordi) and the sincere Elle (Joey King) are together, and Noah heads to Harvard, on the other side of the country. The Kissing Booth 2, also based on Beth Reekles’ books, was about that long distance relationship that is now threatened by a  new entrant to the high school, the “seriously luscious” Mario (Taylor Perez) who serenades in Spanish and smirks in the satanic tongue of teenage lust. Both have abs, silver chains, sharp noses and right-out-of-bed gruff deep voices. Both bite their lips, smirk, purse and gaze deeply. 


The third one takes the tension up a notch. It is the last summer before college, there is free flowing alcohol, and Elle has to make a decision of whether to be near her boyfriend in Boston, or with her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney) in Berkeley, on the other side of the continent. Mario also makes an appearance adding fuel to this fire. 

The third and final installment of The Kissing Booth franchise drops on August 11.

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