War Trailer Review Hrithik Tiger

The trailer for Yash Raj Films’ (YRF) War is here and while it doesn’t offer much more than the explosive first teaser, it delivers on building more anticipation and excitement for the epic face-off.

We are introduced to Kabir (Hrithik Roushan), one of India’s best agents who’s gone rogue. Who better to take him down than his protégé Khalid (Tiger Shroff) who knows how his mentor operates. The new trailer hits all the key beats for the classic action blowout from exotic foreign locations, to a cat and mouse chase across the globe to more shootouts, stunts and swag than you can register.

From director Siddharth Anand, the film sees Hrithik Roshan back in his stylish action hero avatar seen in films like Dhoom 2 and the unfortunate Bang Bang. It would also mark the first Tiger Shroff film where the entire movie isn’t centred on him alone, which will be interesting to watch. Once again actress Vaani Kapoor gets mere seconds of screentime in the trailer. Unsurprising given the film is unapologetically focused on the men.

War marks YRF’s only big bet for the year and all hope rests on this film to bring the production house out of their current slump.

War explodes onto screens on October 2nd. You can watch the trailer below:


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