Trailer Talk: Skater Girl, Where A Group Of Children In Rajasthan Discover An Unusual Passion: Skating, Film Companion

In Skater Girl (known previously as Desert Dolphin), a group of children in rural Rajasthan discover an unusual passion: skating. The group is led by a young teen named Prerna (Rachel Sanchita Gupta), who has been secretly zipping around on a makeshift, run-down skateboard.

When Jessica (Amrit Maghera), who is from the UK but has Indian origins, comes to the village, she sees an opportunity to revolutionise the lives of these children. A skate park is built, and Prerna and her friends are exposed to the world of skaters. There are the usual obstacles, of course: traditional-minded family, fledgling romance, and the pesky problem of children having to go to school. But it looks like Prerna will triumph.

The film is directed by Manjari Makijany (who is Sholay actor Mac Mohan’s daughter). The cast also includes Waheeda Rehman. Skater Girl comes to Netflix on June 11th.

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