Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story On SonyLIV Trailer Talk: A Rogue Stockbroker Broken By Law , Film Companion

The trailer of SonyLIV‘s latest web series, Scam 1992, is here.

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) ka Bachchan, Harshad Mehta, is rogue-ish, bullish, witty, and charming, until it all comes crashing down when his financial misdeeds are exposed. Set against the backdrop of early 1990s (then) Bombay, Harsha Mehta’s story finds a home in director Hansal Mehta’s (Aligarh, Omerta, Shahid) palette. 

About a stockbroker who orchestrated India’s biggest stock-market scam, Scam 1992 seems to Guru-fy this story- adding a veneer of haughty persuasion to his naughty dealings. There are lots of shots of an enterprising Pratik Gandhi playing Mehta played out against the acid-washed, bubbling Bombay landscape. 

Directed by Hansal Mehta, starring Pratik Gandhi, Shreya Dhanwanthary and Sharib Hashmi, and based on the book by Sucheta Dalal, then journalist at Times Of India who actually exposed Harshad Mehta, and Debashis Basu, this film streams on SonyLIV from October 9. 

You can watch the trailer below:

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