Genius Trailer Talk: A Launch Vehicle For The Director’s Son With Nawazuddin As Villain, Film Companion

What makes a person genius? Conventional wisdom would make you think of the cerebral and the delicate artistry of scientists and artists and athletes but in an Anil Sharma world, it is a RAW agent who does impossible stunts and saves the country, who can chemically break down the definition of love, and whose pick up line, when the girl asks if he is free, is ‘Mehenga hoon, lekin aapke liye toh muft mein bik jaoon’.

Genius is the launch vehicle of Utkarsh Sharma, son of the director best known for Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, a movie best known for its scenes and lines that reek of the Pakistan-bashing brand of aggressive nationalism. So you know what you are getting into. But unlike Sunny Deol in that movie, the guy looks at odds with the kind of role he has been asked to play. The only thrill that the trailer provides then is perhaps the prospect of Mithun Chakravarty relishing a hammy role –  the trailer begins with his unmistakable voiceover – and Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing another variation of the nutty villain and screwing around with the baby-faced hero. Siddiqui is seen mocking patriotism and, later, disguised as a saffron-clad godman. The suggestion here, I’m afraid, is along the same lines of the kind of nationalism that Gadar endorsed.

The film is produced by Anil Sharma and someone called Soham Rockstar. The music is composed by – and it has got us all excited – Himesh Reshammiya. Genius will be in cinemas on 24 August.

Watch the trailer here:


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