Manoj Bajpayee in Dial 100 Trailer Talk

The trailer of Manoj Bajpayee and Neena Gupta-starrer Dial 100 dropped on Tuesday. The thriller-drama revolves around the events that take place over one night after one fateful phone call.

The almost three-minute long trailer begins in a Police Control Room, where an emergency call is diverted to police officer Nikhil Sood (Bajpayee). As he begins to talk to an inconsolable woman, in an attempt to calm her down, the conversation slowly starts feeling ominous. In a clip that follows, the woman on line has a shift of tone as her voice goes from mournful to determined. Sood notices this too, especially when she starts talking about grieving the loss of her son. In another such call, she tells him that she has bought a gun, unwilling to reveal anything further.

It soon dawns upon Sood that the link between them goes beyond just a phone call – that she knew his name even before he introduced himself. The subsequent clips show a lady entering Sood’s house, looking at his pictures with him and his family. She is then revealed to be Seema Pallav (Gupta), someone who seemingly has a history with Sood, as she kidnaps his wife to seek justice for her son. There begins his race against time to save his family, as Pallav’s truth threatens to loom large.

The film – set to release on ZEE5 on August 6 – is directed by Rensil D’Silva, who has previously helmed Kurbaan and Ungli. Produced by Sony Pictures Films India, the film stars Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar in pivotal roles.

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