Film Companion is proud to start a new section dedicated to short films - Sunday Showcase. A special section where a new short film will be published every Sunday on the Film Companion YouTube channel. These films will be selected and curated by Anupama Chopra and Rahul Desai.


Please send a preview link of your film to [email protected]

Your short film must be a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes. It can be on any topic. It can be in any langauge but must have subtitles in English.

The film should not be available for viewing on any other channel on YouTube for the duration of its screening on the Film Companion YouTube channel.

All content used in the short film must be either owned or licensed. If any copyrighted material is used in the film, the participant must have the permission and submit a copy to us.

There is no entry fee for submission.
Once you send us the preview link, the film would be evaluated by our curation partner White Wall Screenings and then curated by Anupama Chopra and Rahul Desai. Their decision will be final and binding. If your film is selected our team will reach out via email.
The film needs to be officially submitted by the credited Director/Writer/Producer.
Your film will be published and stay on the platform for one week.

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