Language: Tamil

Cast: Vimal, Ashna Zaveri, Singampuli

Director: AR Mukesh

After the graphics-heavy spectacle that was last week’s 2.0, Tamil cinema seems to have gone back to films that are, well, just plain graphic. This week’s Evanukku Engeyo Matcham Irukku (he has a mole somewhere) opens with a really tight close up of a little boy’s back side as he cries for his father’s attention. They say there’s a lot one can say about a film by its opening shot, and that statement has never rung as true as it did, sitting through AR Mukesh’s adult comedy.

It’s a film that loves to flaunt its sex comedy identity, though it manages to do very little with the freedom the pink ‘A’ certificate allows. It’s the story of two petty thieves who work in a medical store who set out to steal things of no significant value.

One of these two, Hari (Vimal), is a booze-swilling lech who eyes his middle-aged neighbour the same way he looks at her niece. Most adult comedies derive its dramatic tension from the protagonist’s chase as he tries to get into the pants of one/many attractive women. But that’s never the case here…we just have to assume that Hari has his way with women (though there’s not a single reason to understand how).

Even the jokes that are sexual in nature remain irritatingly immature to the point where it reminds of you excitable teenagers discovering ‘non veg SMSes’ on their father’s phones. There’s a thin line that separates a double meaning joke from being clever to downright vulgar.

Yet what’s most striking is how the film shifts gears to turn into a comedy of errors, Guy Ritchie style, with multiple gangs chasing after one precious parcel. It’s all such a mess that one feel tired trying to keep up with the madness.


Rating:   star

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