I Would Not Have Had A Release In 200 Countries But For OTT: Actress Ragini Prajwal On Making Her Debut In Law, The First Kannada Film Directly Releasing On Amazon Prime Video

On July 17, Law, directed by Raghu Samarth will become the first Kannada movie to be directly released on OTT. Excerpts from a conversation with Ragini Prajwal: 

From whatever has been revealed so far about your character in Law, we know you play a law student who is fighting her own case for justice…

Nandini is a law graduate, someone who is really straightforward and a girl with her head on her shoulders. It’s not about what background she comes from, but when she knows something is wrong, she speaks up, without thinking about her future. She stands up for what is right, and I think many people will be able to relate to it. The movie shows how she fights injustice in her own way, not by taking the law into her hands but (rather) by making sure that she does this alone.  

Law is the very first Kannada film to be released directly on OTT. While it is true that going to the theatre is an irreplaceable experience, there is no denying the fact that during the lockdown, we have seen the advantages of OTT platforms. What are your thoughts on this?

When you want a cinema experience, I think people would obviously want to go and watch it in the theatre on the big screen, and that will definitely come back soon. Certain movies are made for the theatrical experience only, but when you look at films such as Law, it’s not the theatre experience but the content that is going to be the high point for the audience. OTT platforms are able to reach out to more than 200 countries, which I don’t think I would have had in a theatrical release. So, I have no regrets at all, and am glad that Law is the first Kannada movie coming on OTT. The theatrical experience will return when the situation improves, but I think we should reach out to both platforms to have access to the audience.

 Law, where you play the only lead, is an interesting choice for a debut. Any reason you were drawn to it?

I never planned to become an actor, because dance is my first passion. I’m a part of the Abhinava Dance Company and also run my own dance studio. When Raghu narrated the script to my husband, he was impressed, and asked me if I did not want to try something that came to me. This script impressed me, and making my debut with this film is in my interest. 

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How did you prepare for the role of Nandini?

I understood that the entire film is based on Nandini’s character. I did not have to think too much to play her, because I could relate very well to the character; that’s how I am in real life. She’s not diplomatic, and I am like that too; I don’t factor in consequences too when I know what I’m saying is right. I did a few workshops with Raghu before the shoot, and when we did an emotional scene, he observed that I don’t need glycerin! 

Were you able to bring any influences from your background in classical dancing to this film?

The movie is a rollercoaster of emotions. Something that really touched me was this one scene with the father and daughter. I’ve never done something so intense before. In classical dance, you express a lot, and I had to be subtle here. That was a new learning. But my background in classical dance has always helped me. It helped me during modelling and now during this movie too.

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