Karthick Naren On The 5 Films That Taught Him Direction

From Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho to Christopher Nolan's thriller, The Prestige (2006) - here are the director's cinematic influences


Memories Of Murder (2003)

In Memories Of Murder, I learnt about the sense of an open ending. I personally believe after the film ends, you should leave something to the audience. Instead of me telling the audience that this is where the film ends, I say that this is where the movie might have ended, but you complete the story. In Memories Of Murder, I think that the final scene where he comes back to that spot is one of the most haunting shots ever. The girl says, ‘You know, it is funny, there was one more guy here who told me the same answer.’ As soon as she says this, he looks directly into the camera and that is one of the most haunting shots because it’s like saying, ‘Okay, I’m aware that you were travelling with me for so long. Now tell me, do you know who that is?’ – it feels like the character is asking us that. That film has a subjective narration – as the detective discovers everything, the audience discovers it with him. So there is a personal connect with the audience.

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