I’ve Got The Maximum Film Offers After Love Aaj Kal: Kartik Aaryan

'I never wanted to leave an Imtiaz Ali set. I just wanted to grasp how he briefs his actors,' says the actor
I’ve Got The Maximum Film Offers After Love Aaj Kal: Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan's last release, Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal,  met with both disappointing reviews and box office collections. In an interview with Film Companion editor Anupama Chopra, he speaks about why he's gained a lot from the film despite its failure.

What did you learn from the failure of Love Aaj Kal? 

I am a big fan Imtiaz Ali sir and the whole process of shooting this film has taught me a lot. I'm disheartened that it didn't work at the box office but the kind of love and appreciation I've got for this performance is incomparable. And it's all because of sir – the way he directed me and nurtured all the characters… I've taken a lot from him. He's truly a magician. You just want to hear what he's saying and do what he's saying. When we used to shoot, even if I didn't have work, I'd stick around just to see him direct. I'd observe what he was telling his actors and try to grasp as much. So many times assistants would come and tell me, 'you can leave now', but I never felt like leaving his set. You can't learn just from the outcome of a film. Here I learnt so much from the making of it too. And actors can't control the outcome anyway. 

Have you looked at scripts through the lockdown?

Yes. We have been doing narrations on Zoom and reading stuff. But frankly speaking, I keep thinking, the way the scene is written now, will it be shot like this? That is a thought that keeps coming into my mind. But I am considering a lot of stuff. And I must say, after Love Aaj Kal I've got the maximum number of film offers. It's unreal. 

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