Musical Teaser Of Andhaghaaram On Netflix: The Promise Of A Niche Thriller

Just like there are fans for Lokesh Kanagaraj the director in Kaithi, there are now fans for Arjun Das’ voice, too. Das’ deep baritone added a certain layer to his work in Kaithi, and his voice is often compared to Amitabh Bachchan’s.

The musical teaser released today has no dialogues, but you can clearly listen to all the tap-tappings of a niche thriller. And, it showcases composer Pradeep Kumar’s genius at work. 

When the trailer for Andhaghaaram released almost seven months ago, there was quite a buzz on social media as there was something eerily spooky about it. Das stars alongside Vinoth Kishan, Kumar Natarajan, Pooja Ramachandran and Misha Ghoshal in this suspense thriller, directed by newcomer V Vignarajan. 

Since filmmaker Atlee joined hands as co-producer, this indie film has been drawing more eyeballs and has also bagged a Netflix release (November 24).

Andhaghaaram has been in the news for more than half a decade, but that shouldn’t surprise you, as many independent movies do not find distributors. Since then, big names have backed the project. 

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