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If you’re struggling with movie recommendations, we’ve got your back. Film Companion introduces Sunday Showcase, a weekly recommendation of a great short film we think you need to see. The short films have been selected by our resident film critic Rahul Desai, in association with our curation partner White Wall Screening. Starting May 3, you can find a new short film on the Film Companion YouTube channel every Sunday. 

We kick off Sunday Showcase with the short Storm In A Tea Cup, written and directed by Shreyas Govindarajan. The stars Manasi Racch and Prabuddh Dyma.

Here’s Rahul Desai on why he picked Storm In A Tea Cup as the first film of Sunday Showcase. 

“It’s easy to go wrong with the urban, millennial rom-com template as an Indian filmmaker – often, the dialogue writing and acting try too hard to sell us a glossy ‘perception’ of young couples. I really liked Storm in a Tea Cup because the chemistry between the husband and wife – who were boy and girl not too long ago – is completely unpretentious, and their body language uncannily relatable. It’s a very natural snapshot of a modern marriage, immature yet cute, aided by a sharp sense of editing that informs the analogy of the title.”

Click here to watch the movie and do leave your comments and questions and we’ll get the makers of Storm in a Tea Cup to answer them.


Sunday Showcase: Our Weekly Short Film Recommendation, Film Companion

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