Top 10 Most-Awaited Bollywood Franchises, Film Companion

Over years, Bollywood has picked up several tricks of the trade from Hollywood. In recent times, one of the most significant influences of Hollywood on the Hindi film industry has been the growing obsession with franchise films. However, it has not been an entirely smooth ride so far. Barring Housefull 3, most of the nine franchise films released in 2016 struggled at the box office, which can be attributed to low appeal of their respective franchises, indicating a poor business decision to make the film in the first place.

This week’s release Jolly LLB 2 is a rare example of a franchise film where the star power will override the franchise. The first film (Jolly LLB) netted Rs. 30 Cr at the domestic box office, which Akshay Kumar’s film will be hoping to cross within the first weekend itself.

The chart below lists the top 10 most-awaited Bollywood franchises based on their appeal among regular Hindi film-goers. The research was conducted over the last three months across 56 cities in India, and only films that have a franchise history or have a next film in the series announced were considered.

Top 10 Most-Awaited Bollywood Franchises, Film Companion

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