Saif Ali Khan Looks Back At His Career Through His Evolving Hairstyles, Film Companion

Hum Tum (2004)


After doing Kal Ho Naa Ho, I was getting a lot of film reviews saying, “He’s good but he’s always good with somebody else. He still hasn’t had that breakthrough solo film.” And Adi Chopra called Karan Johar and said, “What’s his role like in Kal Ho Naa Ho?” And he said, “It’s great and he’s doing really well.” Adi said, “Okay. I want to try and reinvent a multiplex hero. I want something new.” And this was that. And it was a really interesting film for its time.

We had to have like 6 different looks – we had to go from 20 to 35 in the movie. We weren’t very good at making wigs. Or they weren’t sitting on my head very well. And there’s a wire there – it kept lifting and going up in different directions. We were trying to copy Tom Cruise’s haircut from Mission: Impossible 2. And there’s a line in the movie also where I say this is my Tom Cruise look. I think I just made up that line and the director liked it. So this is getting a bit more comfortable with films and acting and being oneself..and there being a market for this kind of energy which was not the case when we were doing that first song.


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