Govinda: Struggle After Success Is The Hardest, Film Companion

It’s hard not to sense a deep regret when Govinda says, “There is nothing more dangerous than the struggle that follows success.” The actor who enjoyed a cult following in the 90s for his pelvic moves and loud fashion sense has not had a successful solo release in over a decade now. After trying his hand at a career in politics that never took off and a stint in reality TV, Govinda now looks expectantly at a second innings at the movies. This Friday his movie Aa Gaya Hero which has been in the cans for close to three years will finally see the light of day.

Excerpts from a live chat with the actor at his residence in Mumbai.

“The Govinda from the movies is different from the real me”

In reality, I think I lot before saying or doing anything. That’s another reason why live chats make me nervous. What you see in the movies is a compromised version of myself. I’ve allowed myself the liberty on screen to choose roles that are light-hearted and comical just in order to make light of life.

“Getting six pack abs is the hardest part about being an actor today”

I’m still working on my six-pack abs. To have a toned body like actors in this generation is a lot of hard work. Believe me, I only eat one meal a day. But my Punjabi genes and all the butter and milk we love make it exceptionally difficult to achieve a fit body. I want to have one by the time I shoot my third film. I was smart in deciding to do Aa Gaya Hero right now. It didn’t require that kind of physique.

“I’ve never been in love with the movies”

Many a time I have fallen out of love with a script and have had to complete a film only because I had committed to the project. I choose not to talk about these films though. I can easily tell when a director has become too big for his boots and is making a film for the wrong reasons or just to satisfy his own ego.

Govinda: Struggle After Success Is The Hardest, Film Companion

“I was keen that people remember me for more than just song and dance”

I did a film called Hatya in 1988, which is my favorite performance of myself. Until this film people only associated Govinda with song and dance. But after this film released, people saw me in a new light. I insisted on producing this myself because I was adamant that people saw me differently.

“The struggle after having tasted success is the most dangerous”

Nothing succeeds like success. Despite being talented and having six-pack abs, if you aren’t doing well in your career that struggle becomes the hardest. Once you’ve seen success you begin to fly too high – but you still can’t escape society right? That’s the kind of success that gets dangerous.  

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