The Biggest Bollywood Clashes Over The Last Decade, Film Companion

No Bollywood producer or actor likes a clash. It cuts into the collections of both the films, both via restricting screen space and dividing audience preference. Yet, the trend for big clashes is growing with time, with increased focus on premium release windows around the holidays.

The last 10 years have seen seven big clashes (see creative below). Only clashes where both films had competing screen presence have been considered. Hence, Bang Bang vs. Haider and other such clashes between a mass film and a relatively niche film have not been included.

The Biggest Bollywood Clashes Over The Last Decade, Film Companion

There has been only one instance (out of these seven) when the film that had a higher opening (first day) did not go on to be the highest grosser by the end of its run. This happened when Bajirao Mastani, after opening at only about 60% of Dilwale, went on to cross the latter’s collections comfortably over the course of time. It is also the only clash where the cumulative business crossed 200 crore, and the only time both films in a clash crossed 100 crore each!

Raees vs. Kaabil will join this list of clashes soon. Who will emerge winner in this clash, which is the third in less than six months? We will know over the next week.

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