5 Bizarre Things About The My Name Is RaGa Teaser And Its Maker, Film Companion

The first look teaser of My Name Is RaGa, director Rupesh Paul’s film about the life of Rahul Gandhi suggests that the movie is more spoof than biopic. Here are some bizarre things we noticed:

  • The teaser opens with young Rahul swimming as his grandmother Indira Gandhi looks on, his acting more suited to a parody. When Indira is assassinated just moments later, what is meant to be a heartfelt conversation between Rahul and his father is ruined by poor dubbing. The teaser also features an actor doing a worse impression of Dr. Manmohan Singh than Anupam Kher did, dodgy lookalikes of Modi and Amit Shah and a conversation between Rahul and his reel girlfriend, where poor dubbing once again plays spoilsport. It ends with Rahul winking at the camera, as if to suggest that the joke is on us.
  • The teaser makes no mention of anyone else associated with the film, omitting even the end credits, which is unusual. While it has racked up 363,089 views, its channel has disabled comments. Weirder still, this is the only video the channel – which has zero subscribers – has put out.

After watching the teaser, we took a cursory look at Paul’s filmography and found that it spans horror, erotica disguised as a ‘war movies’ and thrillers. Here are some more bizarre things we discovered:

  • He is credited with shooting the “first ever stereoscopic 3D film to be made on the story of Dracula” (Saint Dracula 3D), “the first Indian movie shot entirely in the ocean”(Kamasutra 3D), and “the first Indian movie to be released in 6,000 cinemas across the world” (Kamasutra 3D again).
  • Here’s what Paul said about 3D: It appears the best format to portray classic erotica, but it was hardly experimented (with) till recently. It had remained as a tool to give the biggest jolt in horror movies. Nobody predicted that the Chinese stereoscopic porn would be a major hit. In fact, it out grossed 3D film Avatar.
  • The Wikipedia pages of his films list how Oscar-worthy they are. Take Kamasutra 3D, which Wikipedia says was on “the contention list of the 86th Academy Awards of 2013, with selection in the three categories – Best Motion Picture, Original Score and Original Song.” For Dracula 3D, Wikipedia says the movie was “one of 282 feature films eligible for an Oscar Award for Best Picture at the 85th Oscars. Two of the songs as well as the background score of the film were also eligible for the Best Song and Best Original Soundtrack award categories. “

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