Arivu, Dhee, Santhosh Narayanan

Where: Enjoy Enjaami

Why: Over 338 million people have watched ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ on YouTube. It’s an easy song to get used to as it creeps into your mind with the first listen. But what makes ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ special is that it’s not content with offering just surface-level pleasures. With repeated listens, we see that behind the catchy tune is an intricately produced sound. Beneath the sound are the lyrics about nature, land rights and a universalism that embraces even animals. And behind all of that is the story of Arivu’s grandmother, Valliamma, a landless bonded worker in Sri Lanka. ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ brought this narrative of the oppressed to millions of ears, even if they were hearing it only for the music.



Neeraj Ghaywan

For foregrounding queer and Dalit aspects of identity in his short film


Payal Kapadia

Garnered international festival acclaim with her debut feature


Mahesh Narayanan

Among the first to see potential in the direct-to-OTT model


Guneet Monga

Amplified the voices of female directors by backing Soorarai Pottru and Bittu