Halitha Shameem

Where: Silu Karupatti

Why: Anthologies or films about a housewife’s friendship with Artificial Intelligence don’t exactly shout ‘box office hit’ in Tamil Nadu’s highly fragmented cinema business. But that’s what Halitha managed to do with Silu Karupatti, an anthology about four unusual love stories that avenged together to give us a delightful experience that had the sweetness of home made palm jaggery. Beyond the sweetness, the Tamil film also dealt with topics as varied as loneliness, class disparity, old-age and companionship in a way that you relate to all four stories, no matter how old you are.



Gokul Das

Created the believable bulls of Jallikattu without the use of extensive CGI


The Mallu Analyst

Raised the standard of discourse on Malayalam cinema with their YouTube channel


Uday Kapur, Mo Joshi

The independent music label backs and progressive, socially conscious music

Karuna Kumar

Karuna Kumar

His Telugu film Palasa 1978 talked about caste-based oppression beyond a black and white binary