Where: YouTube

Why: To understand the influence YouTube channel Karikku has had on the Malayali community, one must observe the overwhelming presence of the channel’s characters and its many jokes in the hundreds of thousands of memes that are being created everyday. Characters from one its shows ‘Thera Para’, such as Lollan and George, have their own separate fan base and some of their dialogues have already become part of Malayali popular culture. Founded by Nikhil Prasad, the content creator has a subscriber base of over 3 million, with every new video the channel releases managing to top the trending charts. In fact, the show has become so popular that the channel is also planning ‘Karikku: The Movie’ retaining the same set of actors. But apart from its regulars, episodes of their series have so far featured legit movie stars such as Tovino Thomas, Rajisha Vijayan and Saniya Ayyappan making the channel one of the few YouTube sensations that has cemented its place as a giant of Malayalam digital entertainment.



Amala Paul

Choosing to do Aadai was disruption of the highest order.


Ekta Kapoor

Streaming giant ALTBalaji added a staggering 20M paid subscribers.


Mari Selvaraj

Pariyerum Perumal changed the notion of Dalit characters on screen.


Anand Patwardhan

His political documentary Vivek dares to question the powers that be.


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