Ekta Kapoor

Where: ALTBalaji

Why: For successfully creating streaming content that ‘lies between Netflix and Naagin'. Before Ekta Kapoor disrupted the Indian streaming world, she disrupted the world of satellite television. This is where she learnt to read the minds of Indian viewers - from urban to small town. She’s masterfully applied that learning to create 35 original shows for ALT, with another 60 in the pipeline. According to the company’s financial reports, it added a staggering 20 million paid subscribers in FY19. Kapoor’s shows are not about quality. They don’t boast of great production values. Critics have said ALT is merely recycling regressive TV shows in a newer format. But here’s where Kapoor wins. She’s managed to create a wider variety of shows (Mission Over Mars and Gandii Baat) in more volume, and tapped into pockets of India that international premium platforms are still struggling to find a foothold in.



Mari Selvaraj

Pariyerum Perumal changed the notion of Dalit characters on screen.


Anand Patwardhan

His political documentary Vivek dares to question the powers that be.

akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar

The actor is probably the only superstar of the post-Modi era.


Thiagarajan Kumararaja

His Super Deluxe disrupted the notion of Tamil mainstream cinema.


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