Telugu Review

The American Dream, On Aha, Is A Mishmash Of Genres Let Down By Its Interval Twist

It’s as if the director wanted to showcase all his influences at once like a hungry child at his first…

Bangarajju Movie Review: An Inconsistent Mix of Mass And Drama That Works Only In Parts

Somewhere in here is a great masala story teller who clearly cares for the audience. But like a distracted student,…

1945 Movie Review: This Rana Daggubati – Regina Cassandra Starrer Is An Incoherent Mess

Mired by production issues and Rana’s public disowning of the film, 1945 is a disastrous endeavour despite its interesting premise

Senapathi Movie Review: A Terrific Tale About Moral Greyness Held Together By Fine Performances

The film’s flaws are easier to forgive because of how deftly Rajendra Prasad holds your attention.

Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review: A Reincarnation Drama Let Down By The Story Set In The Present

The film gets half of it right. But all that feels undone because of how blandly and weakly the other…

Pushpa: The Rise Movie Review: The Film Does More For Its Sequel Than Itself

Pushpa is a series of slowly built setups rather than one complete story. So, it feels more like I’m writing…

Lakshya Movie Review: The Film Struggles To Make Its Good Ideas Work On Screen

Naga Shaurya’s physical transformation might have been impressive if only the director gave more thought to scenes and dialogues.

Review Of Skylab: A Film That’s More Fun To Discuss Than To Watch

Skylab poses a relevant existential question. What if the world were to end because of a disaster you had no…

Akhanda Movie Review: A Feast Meant Only And Only For Fans

Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu give the fans what they want which leaves the theatres hooting and whistling.

Drushyam 2 Movie Review: Venkatesh And Jeethu Joseph Pull Off A Classy Remake

With Jeethu Joseph’s solid screenplay, Venkatesh brings a different flavour to this remake.

Oka Chinna Family Story Review: A Show With Big Ideas But Small Returns

The show sets an expectation that it would subvert conventional ideas of parenthood. In the end, it falls back into…

Adbhutham Movie Review: This Sci-Fi Film Lives Up To Its Title

The sci-fi angle — fantastically fused with the masala expected of a Telugu film — cements Adbhutham as one of…