Short Film Review

Laali Is Too Esoteric To Be A Moving Portrait Of Loneliness

The film doesn’t quite need the sort of heavy-handed storytelling it employs

The Miniaturist of Junagadh Paints The Void Between Home And Heart

The short is a tender dance of loss and nostalgia

Rabbithole Review: A Modest, Thought-Provoking Short About The Irony Of Isolation

The 11-minute film, directed by Tushar Singhal, is fairly basic in its messaging, but the little details are nice

Friction, Starring Sanjay Kapoor, Is Unbearably On-The-Nose And Shrill About Marital Discord

The 20-minute short film is streaming on Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films’ YouTube Channel

Transistor Review: A Poignant Short Film Rooted In The Urgency Of History

Prem Singh's tender 25-minute short reaches beyond the period tropes, and dares to explain itself through images only

Nooreh, On MUBI, Is A Poignant Portrait Of An LoC State Of Mind

This 22-minute short film by Ashish Pandey is a moving reclamation of formula

Dobara Alvida, With Swara Bhasker And Gulshan Devaiah, Is A Cheesy Short That Wastes A Decent Premise

If only the makers of Dobara Alvida had managed to keep their Bollywood in their pants, the film might have…

The 2021 Oscar Frontrunners For Live-Action And Animated Short Film Depict The Hope And Despair Of New-Age America

If Anything Happens I Love You is a tender 13-minute film that's the unanimous frontrunner in this year’s Animated Short…

Sunday Short Film Review: A Modest, Charming Snapshot Of Closeted Love

Arun Fulara’s sparse 10-minute short, Sunday, sheds a shy light on the everyday existence of a middle-class India that isn’t…

Atul Mongia’s Short Film Awake Is A Wonderfully Twisted Portrait Of A Happy Marriage

Awake is a perceptively performed and cleverly conceived film. It subverts the dysfunctional marriage trope by blurring the line between…

Short Film Bittu Is Steeped In Poignant Lyricism

With skillful restraint, director Karishma Dev Dube nudges us to consider the consequences of inequity

Step Out, Starring Neha Dhupia, Is A Naive Snapshot Of A Cultural Epidemic

At best, Step Out is uneven and naive. At worst, it suffers from symptoms of the male-saviour syndrome