Hollywood Review

Minions: The Rise of Gru Is Fun, If Strikingly Unoriginal

There's warmth and good-natured humour, but there's also too much in this film that feels borrowed

Is Ms. Marvel Losing The Plot?

So far, we’ve got a fantastic teen hero, Farhan Akhtar and a whole lotta Marvel magic. In spite of all…

The Black Phone Smartly Blends Horror With A Coming-Of-Age Tale

The film is a tightrope act — alternately thrilling and tender

Spiderhead, On Netflix, Doesn’t Live Up To Its Intriguing Premise

The film’s immaculately crafted atmosphere begins to feel superficial, given its unwillingness to engage with any larger themes

Franchise Fatigue Hits A Peak In Jurassic World Dominion

The film’s commentary on corporate greed comes across as phoney when you realise it's the studio that's being greedy here

Ms. Marvel On Disney Plus Hotstar Earns Its Joyous Niche in the MCU

The show succeeds in celebrating both its eastern roots and the joy of superhero fandom

The Boys Season 3, On Amazon Prime Video, Goes Deeper, But Is Just As Dark And Diabolical

The show swaps the sprawling, incisive social commentary of the previous season for a more focused study of its characters…

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Premiere Episodes Suffer From The Star Wars Franchise’s Flaw

How long can a space odyssey set in a galaxy far, far, away keep playing 'fill in the blanks' and…

Top Gun: Maverick Is An Enthralling Ode To Flight, and Action Cinema

A definitive, and enthralling piece of cinema that transcends into an experience

Tokyo Vice On Lionsgate Play Is A Free-Fall Into The Seductive World Of Yakuza, 90s Japan And Gonzo Journalism

The look and feel takes a leaf out of the Michael Mann stylebook: the city is slick and nocturnal

Top Gun: Maverick Is A Shot Of Pure Blockbuster Adrenaline

The sequel to Tony Scott's Top Gun (1986) isn't so much an exercise in nostalgia as a wistful comment on…

Halo S1 Is At Its Best When It Fully Embraces Its Video-Game Roots

The show, streaming on Voot, is what I call a video-game adaptation in denial