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A Few Thoughts on SLB’s Gangubai Kathiawadi

An inconsistent but fun second half, a tinge of Benegal's Mandi and Alia Bhatt's magic - there's a lot to…

Arcane: In a Different League Altogether

Hopefully the first of many, the show serves well as the deeply intricate and complex origin story of a futuristic…

A Separation: A Tale of Human Desperation

Propelled by a solid script and brilliant cinematography, the film is further fuelled by its leads' memorable performances

The Summer I Turned Pretty: It’s So Bad That it’s Good

The show never tries to be anything other than entertaining, it never delves into emotions too deeply and never makes…

The Distinct Charm of the Love Depicted in The Lunchbox

We do not see Ila and Saajan perform any grand gestures for each other; their satisfaction is derived from the…

Bhoothakaalam: A Case For or Against Mental Health Issues?

While the film packs some chilling moments of dread, its underlying message comes across as murky

Gehraiyaan: A New-Age Bollywood Drama? Or a Potentially Confused Mess?

The mismatched writing in Gehraiyaan has interesting ideas up its sleeves but doesn't offer credible characters

Apotheosis and Demonisation in Suzhal: The Vortex

The layered narration of Suzhal boils down to two simplistic views: sympathise with the victim and eliminate the abuser

Thor: Love and Thunder Is a Brilliant Blend of Humour and Emotion

Waititi questions the importance of having Marvel films during the grievous times we live in

Rewatching Rear Window In a Post-Pandemic World

In an evolving society, looking back provides a beautiful perspective for understanding the present and films are a wonderful way…

Modern Love Hyderabad: Stories That Could Have Been Set Anywhere in India

Hyderabad's diversity seems lost on a series that, ironically, was made to put these stories in focus

Paka: The Romeo-Juliet Epic Retold With Glorious Minimalism and Astute Craft

Lukose's disconnected, almost forlorn narrative style is both disconcerting and too good to turn away from