Anupama Chopra: Deepika, what a Cannes experience you’ve been having. Those red carpet looks, its staggering.

Deepika Padukone: Like we were discussing, you either come here with a film, or you get the red carpet look right. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

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Cannes-17th May,2019. #Cannes2019

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AC: So how do you gauge the success of a look? Do you listen to what people are saying about it or is it how you feel?

DP: Its only and only about how I feel. Of course, you can have your stylist have amazing clothes…the hair and makeup… but at the end of the day, in that moment when you’re getting ready, it’s really about how I’m feeling. For example, yesterday, with this big massive rose on my head, if I didn’t feel it, it probably would have looked odd. But I felt amazing. I felt like I could pull it off. If you don’t feel it, you shouldn’t do it because no matter how hard you try, if you’re not feeling something, it’s going to look wrong.

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