Yodha to Kung Fu Panda 4: Here's Everything Releasing In Theatres This Week

Team FC

Yodha (Hindi) - 15th March 

This action thriller stars Sidharth Malhotra as an agent missing in action, who resurfaces years later during the hijacking of a flight. Yodha deals with questions of his patriotism and details surrounding his failed mission years ago, which deemed him dead.

Kung Fu Panda 4 (English) - 15th March

Po’s eccentric adventures in the world of the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ enters a whole new dimension, when he is forced to take on a new challenger called ‘Chameleon’, who might be the toughest rival he has come across in his life.

Imaginary (English) - 15th March 

A mother and daughter who have recently moved into the mom’s childhood home only to find the daughter getting overly attached to a stuffed bear in the basement.

Anchakkallakokkan (Malayalam) - 15th March 

Chemban Vinod Jose and Lukman Avaran will lead the star cast of this film in which a cowardly police constable must survive his first days of duty when a felon in lock up tries to seek revenge.

Lambasingi (Telugu) - 15th March

An old fashioned love story between a village girl and an outsider becomes the central conflict in this film directed by Naveen Gandhi. The film starring Jai Bharat Raj and Divi Vadthya deals with the far reaching effects of a romance on life in a village.

Hide and Seek (Kannada) - 15th March 

This supernatural thriller deals with an investigation into an elusive ghost rider and his human trafficking network. Hide and Seek follows a cop on the trail of the criminal and the weird, supernatural events that unfold in the course of investigation.