Why You Should Watch The Animated Series Big Mouth On Netflix

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Watched All Animated Series?

If you're done watching Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, or even Family Guy and want to watch another sitcom that is dark, witty, has adult comedy, and is animated then Big Mouth is the hidden gem.

Big Mouth On Netflix

It is about teenagers going through puberty. Here’s the catch- since it is animated every teenager has a hormone monster. The hormone monster is allotted according to the personality type of the teenager and also then shapes their personality. 

It Has 6 Seasons And It Is Being Renewed For a 7th Season

This is a show that you can either binge or watch a 30-minute episode to unwind every day. The show is a fresh concept that can either make you uncomfortable or flood your brain with feel-good joy hormones.


The show has been dubbed by very prominent Hollywood Actors. Nick Kroll’s dubbing is commendable. He plays around 40 different characters in total and you wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t mentioned it. He also makes a cameo in season 4 (Spoiler Alert!)

Jay's Best Friends Coach Steve And The Dog

Coach Steve is the most obnoxious lovable idiot. Jay Bilzerian's dog is the companion you want. He's a Pit Bull featuring Ludacris. He speaks and drops the deepest existential truth bombs. Beware of Jay’s pillows. 

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