When Taylor Swift and ‘The Eras Tour’ Came to Navi Mumbai

Sharanya Kumar

“Swifties Are Very ... You Can Just Spot Them,”

Said a fan, her voice tinged with fond admiration. Ahead of the screening of American singer, songwriter and most-streamed woman on Spotify, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film, it was not difficult to clock a Swifitie from a regular mall-goer

Swifties, Assemble

The Eras Tour was shot at a sold-out show in California’s SoFi Stadium, which seats over 70,000 people. For Swifties in places like India, this is as close as we’re likely to get to seeing Swift perform live in the country.

Forget The Dragon, Enter The Concert

After a countdown (starting from 13, naturally) to which everyone shouted along, a glittering aerial view of SoFi Stadium appears on screen, followed by a medley remix of Swift’s biggest hits. 

The First Era: Lover 

People quickly left their seats, rushing to huddle at the foot of the screen to sing loudly along to the songs of Lover. When Swift asks the audience in the film if they know the words to the bridge of “Cruel Summer”, everyone in the crowd screamed their confirmation. 

For Swift’s Most Recent Album

Midnights, we are transported to a cloudy sky suffused with lavender. The crowd was particularly enthusiastic as they chanted “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me”, from the chorus of “Anti-Hero”.