What Would A Bollywood Remake Of Succession Look Like?

Team FC

Pankaj Tripathi As Logan Roy

You can see what an artist like Pankaj Tripathi would do with the role of the mastermind behind a right wing media empire, and how he would make it his own.

Vikrant Massey As Kendall Roy

Vikrant Massey would do a fine job to explore Kendall's heart-breaking softer side as well as his difficult job of becoming a proverbial killer to dethrone his father.

Sobhita Dhulipala As Shiv Roy

We've seen Sobhita's affinity for cold, calculating characters in Made In Heaven and this would would be, in some way, a natural extension to that role.

Shashank Arora As Roman Roy

Our vote goes to Shashank Arora who's shown us shades of a similar attitude in Made In Heaven as well as exploring complex inner turmoil in Titli.

Manav Kaul As Connor Roy

As the adorably deluded and empty eldest sibling who keeps his distance from the ongoing family power struggles, our pick for Connor goes to Manav Kaul.

Namit Das As Tom Wambsgans

Namit Das showed signs of a similar duality in the recent Aarya and we bet on him to do something great with the character.

Rajkummar Rao As Cousin Greg

The overlooked simpleton outsider who quickly learns the rules of the game and develops a taste for power, we think Rajkummar Rao would do great things with Greg the Egg.

Geetika Vidya Ohlan As Marcia

Marcia is by all accounts a survivor in the constant powerplay and we think Geetika Vidya Ohlan would do a great job at bringing to life the disregarded wife who's a lot smarter than she's given credit for.

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