Raazi: A Different Patriotic Gaze

Team FC

Of all the patriotic movies that I've watched, Raazi captures its own separate spot easily. It is subtle, never excessively preachy and above everything, very much about humanity. In the course of telling a story of courage, patriotism and dedication, it touches on the humanitarian aspects of a war and the direct casualties that happen with it.

Meghna Gulzar literally brings a feminine gaze to patriotism. I absolutely loved this take because it was a breath of fresh air. Growing up, I have always associated patriotism to a very masculine, very loud emotion. It shows her determination and vulnerability in the extraordinary circumstance she's in. She's alone in a house that is hers, within a country that is not.

The songs in Raazi have the most beautiful lyrics to some very thoughtful compositions. Music directors Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy set up a soothing tapestry which is culturally appropriate to the time and place the story is set in. The beautiful lyrics of the legendary Gulzar are done absolute justice.

The army men of both the nations have been shown to carry the same virtues and spirits, striving for safe-guarding their respective nations, following the orders and sometimes eyeing promotions. It is in this backdrop that Sehmat has to go out of her way – even take a couple of lives – for the success of her mission.

The movie is a story of the grit of an unsung hero, and the glory that she brings to a country of 1.3 billion people, who can be proud of a daughter and spy like Sehmat. But, more than that, it's the story of the casualties of wars who go on to live and remind us that nothing justifies the loss and humanitarian crisis that wars cause.

Thank you for reading!

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