5 Things You Didn't Know About Go Goa Gone

Team FC

On the film's genesis as a 'zom-com':

Kunal Kemmu: The initial idea was never to do a zombie film. In fact, we were actually talking about doing a slacker film. It was still the similar 'Luv (Das), Hardik (Kemmu) and Bunny (Tiwari),' but in the gangster world.

On Saif joining the team:

Saif Ali Khan: "I thought it was funny. And I thought it was different. And I liked the idea of doing a comedy around zombies. There were just some really funny lines in the script. And also my character I loved – he's a fake Russian: 'Haan, Delhi say hoon, yaar.'

On Saif actually dyeing his hair blond [and not getting paid for the film]:

SAK: "They do make-up tests and come to your room and he [make-up artist] said, 'Dye your hair blond.' And I don't mind, you know, I quite like that sort of thing. I did it, and it kind of went a little orange, it didn't go blond.

On improvisations during the film:

Anand Tiwari: "The dumb charades scene was completely thought of on the go! Because Saif's character, along with his man, were giving us these military signals that we had to follow. And we said that we wouldn't know what those are. So why don't we create a dumb charades of Hindi and English?

On the zombies:

VD: "You know how they make the entrails? They take Maggi and put glue on it and twist it together!"

AT: "And also, Vir, if you remember, every day, whether in Goa or Mauritius, you would have these enthusiastic tourists. Cut to two hours later, they'd be absolutely looking like zombies because they were just tired of all that ketchup and all those noodles on their faces.

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