5 Sequels of 2023 That We Eagerly Await

Team FC

Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse

A sequel to Into The Spiderverse, this film launches Spider-Man into the multiverse with fascinating variations, including an Indian Spiderman!

Dune: Part Two

If the first half of Dune felt like one long setup, or you were disappointed by the lack of Zendaya, or wanted more sandworms, the followup has got you covered. The fantasy action film will follow Timothee Chalamet’s Paul Atreides as he plots revenge against the men who killed his father, fulfills his destiny as the Kwisatz Haderach and marries Florence Pugh for the second time since Little Women (2019).

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny

In a much-awaited return to one of the most beloved franchises of all time, this film will see Indiana Jones try to retrieve a dial that could change the course of history. Harrison Ford reprises his iconic role after 15 years.

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One

Ethan Hunt and his team of daredevils return for one last time in this two-part finale. Old villains and his past threaten to haunt Ethan. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, this film promises to be nothing short of an action spectacle.


"Family" is back! In part one of this three-part finale, Dom and his team of invincible try to take down Jason Momoa's character, who is out to seek revenge for the death of his brother at the hands of Dom. This film also marks the return of Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw, who wasn't there in F9.

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