Web Series You Should Never Watch With Family

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Big Girls Don't Cry - Prime Video

This web series explores the lives of a friend group trying to find their identities while studying in an all-girls boarding school. It includes some scenes you may not want to watch with your family, which show drug use, intimacy, discussions about overbearing parents, and more.

Sex Education - Netflix

This British sexy comedy drama about teens facing a plethora of sexual dilemmas is a great show no doubt for its delicate and well-thought out approach to mature themes, but surely you don't want to watch the story of a teen trying to lose their virginity, with your parents?

Californication - Prime Video

An adult sitcom with recurring themes of drug abuse, sex, infidelity, alcoholism, nudity, and lots (and we mean lots) of smoking is best for viewing when your family is out for dinner.

Four More Shots Please! - Prime Video

A modern-day sisterhood show that fearless touches upon taboo topics makes this drama series a must-watch with your bestie, but not so much with your family. Some themes include masturbation, coming out to your conservative family, sexual assault during dates, and office romances.

BoJack Horseman - Netflix

A must-watch for any young adult going through the feels, this animated comedy explores the life of Bojack, a talking horse. The show is brimming with inappropriate humour. It also looks at hard-hitting perspectives about family dynamics that you may not want to confront with your family next to you.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Disney+ Hotstar

As a beloved show about four friends who run a bar (ah, the dream), it hits the high (*cough* sometimes in more ways than one) notes. The sitcom is based on dark humour, self-destructive character arcs, and no-holds-barred profanity.

She - Netflix

A police officer, who is also the only earning member in her family, goes undercover as a prostitute. This web series written by Imtiaz Ali depicts horror and dystopia with a woman's body and agency at the crux, thus making it a not-so-suitable pick for family night.

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