Web Series Based on Common Man's Life

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Aam Aadmi Family - ZEE5

Aam Aadmi Family humorously chronicles the everyday challenges and relatable family dynamics of the Sharma family, providing a lighthearted yet insightful take on the common man's life.

The Family Man - Prime Video

The Family Man intricately weaves together the dual life of Srikant Tiwari, brilliantly portrayed by Manoj Bajpayee, as a middle-class man juggling family responsibilities and his covert role as a skilled intelligence officer.

Yeh Meri Family - Mini TV

Yeh Meri Family nostalgically captures the essence of growing up in the '90s, portraying the ups and downs of adolescence and family life through the lens of the lovable Gupta family.

Gullak - Disney+ Hotstar

Gullak beautifully encapsulates the ordinary yet heartwarming moments of a middle-class family in North India, using the perspective of a simple 'gullak' (piggy bank) to tell their endearing stories.

Panchayat - Prime Video

It navigates the life of an engineering graduate reluctantly serving as a Panchayat secretary in a rural village, humorously exploring the clash of urban aspirations with the rustic charm of grassroots governance.

Kota Factory - Netflix

Kota Factory delves into the life of IIT aspirants in the coaching hub of Kota, offering a poignant portrayal of the struggles, dreams, and friendships that define the common man's pursuit of academic success.

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