Voice Of Sathyanathan Movie Review: A Silly, Soapy Dramedy About Absurd Anarchists And Clueless Criminals

Vishal Menon

A Loud Film

Hidden deep beneath the loud and inane surface of Raffi’s Voice Of Sathyanathan is a killer idea that could have become either a hilarious dark comedy or a darker human drama about redemption. One feels the need to underline the word ‘either’ to explain the film’s issues because it tries to be both.

A loose-tongued Protagonist

It is about an oddball character named Sathyanathan (Dileep) who gets himself into trouble because he cannot speak a single sentence without offending someone, forcing him into situations that are bigger than he is.

A Lost Opportunity

He hilariously gets himself added to a list of criminals monitored by the CBI. The agencies believe Sathyanathan wants to kill THE president of India. Imagine how funny it would be to see the loose-tongued Sathyanathan survive in a sub-jail full of serious criminals. But instead of milking this odd situation for its comedy, Raffi chooses to sandwich two major sub-plots.

Neither Funny Nor Emotional

The result is a complex mess of half-decent ideas that never go anywhere. Neither funny nor emotional, Voice Of Sathyanathan compromises on its core strengths, ending up as another forgettable film that belongs in another decade.