Villains You Will Love To Hate

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Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter Series

Portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, Lord Voldemort is the embodiment of evil in the wizarding world. His quest for power, disregard for human life, and dark magic evoke intense hatred from audiences as he poses as a threat to the beloved Harry Potter.

Percy Wetmore in The Green Mile

Doug Hutchison portrays Percy Wetmore, a sadistic prison guard who abuses his authority and takes pleasure in causing suffering. His cruelty towards the inmates, particularly Eduard Delacroix, earns him the intense disdain of viewers.

Mrs. Carmody in The Mist

Mr. Carmody, portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden, her extremist beliefs exacerbate the chaos during a mysterious mist engulfing a town. Her ruthless authoritarianism makes her a villain audiences passionately despise as he becomes a symbol of blind fanaticism.

Commodus in Gladiator

Played by Joaquin Phoenix, Commodus is a power-hungry Roman emperor who ruthlessly betrays his family. His cruelty, narcissism, and betrayal of Maximus make him a compelling villain, despised for his deceit and disdain for honor.

Yong-suk - Train to Busan

Portrayed by Kim Eui-sung, His callous disregard for others' lives during the zombie apocalypse, prioritizing personal survival over collective well-being, deeply resonates with audiences, making him a villain they despise for his lack of empathy and moral bankruptcy.

Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter Series

Imelda Staunton brings to life Dolores Umbridge, a character infamous for her oppressive rule at Hogwarts. Her sadistic pleasure in wielding authority, particularly through her use of the Blood Quill, makes her a villain fans passionately hate.

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