Vetrimaaran on What Works in Mainstream Cinema| FC Director’s Adda 2023

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The Directors Adda 2023

With Jeo Baby, Avinash, Nelson, Karan Johar, Konkona Sen Sharma, Hemanth, Kartik and Vetrimaaran, Vetrimaaran speaks of his unimaginable journey and passion with the producers blessing, of making Viduthalai Part 1

When Someone Comes And Asks to Work With Me

As an AD or on set, I tell them if you can learn something from my films, please watch them and learn. Please don’t come and learn the way i work. That’s not the way you should be. 

Analogy of Cricket

"When you have proper footwork and you based yourself properly, when you’re out of form you can gain back your form. Without footwork you can hit sixes while you’re in form. That’s what I'm doing now. Once the form is out, then you’re gone. You can’t gain it back."

My Art Director is Someone Who Will Do Very Real

"He built that bridge with engineers to hold the weight of actual railway compartments. Like we put 2 compartments, actual compartments there and the one that falls down was made. They were like massive structures. The construction took 3 months."

We Have a Tradition

"Of voicing out. There is a lot of political expression that happens through the viewers and there is some element of common man issue which is being addressed and discussed which is appreciated."

My Films Are Mainstream But Not Conventionally Mainstream

I do make mainstream films but not in a conventional way. I do have a different take on mainstream films. To make my producers invest on me the way they are doing, it’s because of the audiences.

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