Turbo First Day First Impression

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

Quite Fun

This Mammootty film is quite fun when it’s charged with humour, not action. The film is a breeze when it doesn’t posit its hero as an action giant. But named after a super-charged fan, obviously Turbo isn’t happy with just a breeze


As mindlessly over-the-top it may seem with its theatrics, its neat writing keeps a tight leash on the checks and balances. So, we get from point A to B, with the detailing of a well-fleshed drama, and not an empty entertainer. 

Well Shot and Edited

The camera and the highly coloured action sequences are at best kind to Mammootty, who tries his best to buy into Turbo’s obsession for brawls— as unnecessary as they may often be.

Shift in Gear

The first half of the film is almost the perfect blend of mystery and mayhem. In the Second half, We go from a comedy of errors to an investigative track, which partly works because of its pace.

No Meaningless Characters

Care is taken to see to it that no single character in the film is announced without any motive. From a scorned rank officer to a garish rowdy (Sunil in a cameo as Auto Billa), Jose forms his own line of Avengers to run to his aid.

Tries to Infuse Freshness

Turbo is also a film that tries to go by its hero’s motto. It tries to infuse some freshness to the genre by subverting the image of the stoic mass hero. But we only wish it went several notches higher.