Trinetra Gummaraju Urges To Be Taken Seriously As An Actor | Content Creators Adda 2023

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During the Content Creators Adda 2023

Attended by Prajakta Koli, Niharika NM, Raghav Juyal, Bhuvan Bam and Trinetra Gummaraju,Trinetra Talks about the challenges of being a trans-woman and the acceptance struggle she said that aspires to be more than just a content creator.

“I Don’t Just Want To Be a Content Creator For The Rest Of My Life"

Said Gummaraju in conversation with Sneha Menon Desai. “I do it, I want to act more, I want to be taken seriously as an actor also and not just be the diversity higher.”

I Am Someone Who Gains Alot Of Energy in Solitude

With my books and my studies, when I do my thing. I really enjoy my peace. After Rainbow Rishta, people asked me “Are you really that desparate to find a man trinetra? Some has to compete with the peace I have in Solitude.

Joyland is My Fvaorite Films Of All Time

Not getting parts is a good thing as then clearly its not about the numbers. With trans-representation, it’s a whole other ball game and it’s just about starting to happen.

Many a Times I Can’t Tell If It’s Tokenistic

just to have someone from the community is there. You can tell after reading a script that the gaze is not empathetic. It doesn’t come from genuine storytelling, it comes from the need for masala in a story. Where your transness becomes the masala.

I Am Very Happy That The OTT Space Exists

Because it is democratized storytelling. Some stories would never get told on the big screen. Meher on Made in heaven would’ve never gotten told. I am fortunate to have started with that.

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