Top 5 Tom Cruise Films

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Mission Impossible Franchise

Tom Cruise takes the forefront of this famous action series as secret agent Ethan Hunt, as he embarks on a variety of thrilling missions with his team. Each movie has maintained its level of excellence in delivering stunning visuals and intense stunts that consistently leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Jerry Maguire

This classic romantic comedy follows Tom Cruise as sports agent Jerry Maguire as he is faced with a moral dilemma when he decides to start up his own company. The film explores themes of loyalty, family, and passion, making it one of Cruise’s best-loved performances.

Top Gun

This blockbuster hit is responsible for launching Cruise's rise to stardom after joining the cast of a group of elite fighter pilots at the US Navy's Fighter Weapons School in California as main character Maverick Mitchell.

Risky Business

The story follows Joel (played by Cruise) as he discovers how quickly things can spiral out control if rules are broken- making it an entertaining ride while showing off Tom Cruise at his most charismatic early stages in acting career

The Last Samurai

Cruise stars opposite Ken Watanabe in this epic historical drama set in Japan, where he plays Civil War veteran Nathan Algren who gets caught up between two conflicting worlds.

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