Top 5 Hyun Bin K-dramas And Movies To Stream

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Secret Garden (K-Drama) - Netflix & Amazon Prime Video

This romantic comedy K-drama follows the amusing and heartwarming tale of a wealthy CEO who swaps lives with a stuntwoman, leading to unexpected adventures and romance.

Memories of the Alhambra (K-Drama) - Netflix

A thrilling K-drama that combines augmented reality gaming with reality as Hyun Bin's character, a tech entrepreneur, becomes embroiled in a mysterious and dangerous quest.

Hyde Jekyll, Me (K-Drama) - Netflix and Viki

Hyun Bin takes on a dual role in this romantic drama, portraying a cold-hearted chaebol and his charming alter ego with a unique personality disorder, adding intrigue to a love story.

Rampant (Movie) - Viki

In this action-packed historical zombie film, Hyun Bin plays a prince who must lead a battle against hordes of the undead, blending martial arts and horror elements.

The Negotiation (Movie) - Apple TV & Youtube Rent

Hyun Bin showcases his acting prowess in this intense crime thriller as a skilled negotiator who faces off against a ruthless hostage-taker, delivering a gripping and suspenseful story.

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