Tom Cruise & Science Fiction: Here are the Top 5 Science Fiction Films Starring Mission Impossible's Tom Cruise

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Minority Report

In this Steven Spielberg film, future technology detects a person's crime before it has even been committed. Consequently, John Anderton is compelled to prove his innocence.

War of the Worlds

In this Steven Spielberg film, a man is all set to spend time with his family when an alien invasion makes his plans go awry.

Edge of Tomorrow

In this Doug Liman film, Rita Vrataski and Major William Cage are not only caught in a time loop but also need to save the planet from alien attacks.


In this Joseph Kosinski film, Jack Harper repairs drones on a planet that is ravaged by aliens. When he saves the woman who keeps appearing in his dreams, he starts doubting the truth.

Vanilla Sky

In this Cameron Crowe film, a man assesses reality after an accident mars his face and alters the course of his life.

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In this Doug Liman film, Tom Cruise is a commercial pilot who gets involved in smuggling and then becomes a government spy to escape punishment.