Toby Review: This Raj B Shetty-Starrer Is A Riveting Drama That Commands Your Attention

Subha J Rao

Toby Is Difficult To Slot Into Any Genre

it’s not an action film, it’s not a mystery, it’s not a family drama, it’s not mythology, but it’s an amalgamation of all, all layering a foundation that begins with an act of love. 

Toby Is a Murderer On Hire

A man with an intimate relationship with blood — he’s an assistant in the mortuary, raises a child there, and courts Savithri with the mortuary van in the backdrop. 

The Women Shine

The film sparkles with superb performances, and the women shine: especially the two Jennys — Snigha R Shetty and Chaithra J Achar — Samyuktha Horanadu as Savithri and Sandhya Arekere as Shalini akka

Deeply intimate and raw

Nithin Shetty is the editor, and he cuts beautifully, and gifts some scenes all the oxygen they need to breathe in this film running to about two-and-a-half hours. Art director Jithu’s work is fabulous, with every space looking beautifully lived-in.

Toby Bears The Voice And Look Of Film

Raj and his team have created a deeply intimate yet vast, showcasing flawed human nature, the largesse of hearts, and humour that shines through in the darkest of moments. Quality of human nature and life happening with the same love.