Tillu Square Movie Review

Ram Venkat Srikar

Character Dynamics

Tillu Square continues Tillu's comedic escapades, blending his witty, self-deprecating humor with newfound professional success and romantic entanglements, providing a fresh twist on his journey of personal growth and hilarious misadventures.

Sequel Improvement

Unlike its predecessor, Tillu Square adeptly avoids the pitfalls of a messy second half, maintaining focus on Tillu's quirky relationship with Lily amidst escalating chaos, showcasing marked improvement in narrative cohesion and character development.

Tillu's Charm

The film thrives on Tillu's magnetic personality, with his deadpan one-liners and endearing self-awareness anchoring the humor, creating a seamless blend of original jokes and situational comedy rooted in Tillu's chaotic life.

Authentic Humor

In contrast to relying on external references, Tillu Square's humor stems organically from Tillu's character and predicaments, offering a refreshing take on comedy that resonates with audiences beyond fleeting trends or viral content.

Nostalgic Callbacks

While occasionally feeling compelled to recreate moments from the original film, Tillu Square maintains its narrative momentum, with standout performances enhancing comedic moments, particularly the uproarious interactions between Tillu and his father.

Supporting Cast Dynamics

The film excels in fleshing out supporting characters, endowing Tillu's sidekicks and family members with memorable quirks and comedic flair, setting the stage for a potentially promising franchise that capitalizes on home-grown humor and relatable characters.