Tiger 3 Review: A Snoozefest Starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Deepanjana Pal

Tiger Has To Multitask

In this third film, He’s a husband, father and a spy. In addition to keeping his family safe, Tiger takes on the additional job of protecting democracy in Pakistan.

The Silver Lining of Tiger 3

It is that it continues to dream up a world in which, despite the devastation, there is hope. Here, women become heads of states, honour is a bond between spies no matter what agency they report to, and peace is a possibility between warring nations.

What She Lacks is Independence

Zoya has always been an important part of the Tiger franchise and in this film, Kaif has both screen time as well as some stellar action scenes. Zoya is treated like a stepping stone to Tiger.

Make Way for Spyverse’s Zaddy

Ultimately, the star of Tiger 3 is Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan His energy lifts the film and is even able to add a little zing to Salman’s attempts at acting. The scenes with Shah Rukh and Salman include a little tribute to Sholay (1975).

Director Maneesh Sharma 

Disappointingly, is not able to bring any emotional depth to Tiger 3. The characters lack any credible camaraderie and Zoya and Tiger’s marriage feels perfunctory at best.