TIFF 2023: Karan Johar, Guneet Monga's Action Film 'Kill' Gets Rave Reviews

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The Film Stars Tanya Maniktala And Lakshya

Set aboard the Rajdhani Express bound for both New Delhi, Nikhil Nagesh Bhat’s martial arts thriller Kill sees a pair of commandos square off against a 40-strong army of invading bandits. 

BizAsia Live In Its Review of The Film Wrote

"Each fight scene feels like a new level in a video game, with a new setting, a stronger sense of urgency, and a wilder murder than the last one you haven’t recovered from yet,"

An Action Power-Packed Movie

"Every so often there comes an action film that is so confident, so bold, and so fresh, that you just can't help to believe that there is hope in the genre beyond just big-budget blockbusters starring your favorite actors who once played a superhero.”

Other Films That Come In Mind

Films like The Raid, John Wick, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Everything Everywhere All at Once all come to mind as works that were destined to change the way action movies are made. The same can now be said of Nikhil Nagesh Bhat's Kill."

Film Exposure Had This To Say

"Kill keeps its momentum with a balanced use of its romance elements, making them resurface to renew motivations and emotional involvement, therefore grounding the action in a palpable reality.

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