There Are Always Split Personalities In An Actor: Nassar

Vishal Menon

Nassar Notes That Credit To a Particular Character Largely Lies With its Writer And Director 

“Sometimes I get a one-line narration that my role is a rich father who opposes his daughter’s love,” the actor says. If he further insists on giving more information, they’d tell him that with his experience, he knows everything and can pull off the role.

Nassar on Asking Specific Questions And Knowing The Character’s Roots

“I can’t act on my own unless I am a director or writer. In some other person’s story, I can’t create my own character. I always believe I need information from the author, at least two-dimensional details.” 

Going Through Personal Difficulties While Shooting For Films Happens at Times, The Actor Points Out

“I had to do it that way for Uttama Villain (2015). My son was hospitalised while we were working on the ‘Theyyam’ sequences. It was a painful experience but I had to continue shooting because in certain cases, your responsibility becomes more important than any personal needs.”

Avatharam(1995) Was Seen in The Same Lines of Kanatara(2022)

“According to me, Kantara is rooted in fantasy whereas my film had no such rituals in it. The film was about an actor’s process, how they prepare and perform their job.” Said Nassar

“There is Some Sort of a Split Personality in All Actors and I Wanted to Explore That in Avatharam

MR Radha became very weak in his later years and needed people to carry him onto the stage. But the moment he was on stage and the director yelled “action”, he would beam with energy and perform like a young person. He would no longer be physically weak.”